About us

Nouvelle Vague is a Beirut-based vintage store collecting unique and rare vintage finds from around the globe.
By sourcing vintage fashion that is still relevant, Nouvelle Vague thrives at providing an eclectic collection
of fabulous vintage pieces that will be cherished forever.

Founder, Fashion Curator

Tatiana Fayad

Founder, Tatiana Fayad, is a passionate vintage collector, who is continually hunting, sourcing, and handpicking vintage fashion finds from around the globe, constantly evolving and expanding her collection.With a keen eye for quality and details, her mission is to democratize vintage fashion across the Middle East, and make it a real alternative to fast fashion.

"I always liked the idea of passing along a memory and thinking that the clothes I collect were worn and loved by women from different times and places. I have a genuine passion for what I do, and as a lifelong collector of vintage, I want to inspire others to rethink their fashion choices, and consider vintage as a real alternative to buying new."


Nouvelle Vague Store

268 Gouraud Street, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon.

Open from Monday to Saturday
10 am to 8 pm